Classics I Read & Loved This Year

At the beginning of 2020, I set a goal to read more classics. In 2019, I read one or two classics, and that was fine with me. But for this year, I decided to try to fit in a couple more classics than usual, and I even made a list. Now, of course, I didn’t stick to said list, but I did manage to read six classics (19th century or earlier). With no further ado, let’s talk classics.

August + September 2020 Reading Wrap-Up

Hi, reader friends. Since I did not do an August wrap-up, I figured I would combine August and September into one post. I didn’t read near as many books these last two months as usual, but thankfully, I really loved the books I did read. Without further ado, let’s talk books!

July 2020 Reading Wrap-Up

July was a bit of a rough month, so my reading suffered just a bit. I didn’t read as much as usual, but I did find a new favorite. So overall, I’d say that balances things about it, right? In total, I read six books last month [two audio books, four physical books]. Without furtherContinue reading “July 2020 Reading Wrap-Up”

Classics I Want to Read This Year [2020]

In my 2020 Reading Goals post, I said I wanted to read more classics. In order to accomplish this, I decided to pull together a list of the classics that 1.) I already own and have not read and 2.) interest me the most. Now, this list will be my list of pre-1900 classics. I have many more “modern classics” that I want to read. Because I don’t want to make this post go on forever, I will post a separate list for post-1900 classic books.