Books to Read if You Love Avatar The Last Airbender

Water, Earth, Fire, Air… Isn’t it like coming home? I’m a recent recruit to the Avatar fandom, but I can already feel the inevitable impact this show has had and will have on my life. In our time of need, Netflix came through and added the classic Nickelodeon show to its line-up. I know I’mContinue reading “Books to Read if You Love Avatar The Last Airbender”

Intimidating TBR Tag

So, as you might expect, I have too many books on my to-be-read (TBR) pile. I have abandoned some to a lonely life on my bookshelf for too long. That’s why one of my reading goals this year is to read more of the books I already own. But, why oh why, have I abandoned these books in the first place? Am I just not interested in them anymore? Am I intimidated by them? Did I impulse buy them? All great questions that I didn’t have answers for many of these books.

10 Modern Classics I Want to Read This Year [2020]

Okay, so I should start out this post saying that this is not a comprehensive list of modern classics I want to read. In fact, I started trying to compile all of them, and it was basically endless. So, with that said, I just chose 10 that have been on my list for a while. Honestly, it’s a bit random, but that’s okay.

Classics I Want to Read This Year [2020]

In my 2020 Reading Goals post, I said I wanted to read more classics. In order to accomplish this, I decided to pull together a list of the classics that 1.) I already own and have not read and 2.) interest me the most. Now, this list will be my list of pre-1900 classics. I have many more “modern classics” that I want to read. Because I don’t want to make this post go on forever, I will post a separate list for post-1900 classic books.