About Me.

Hello reader friends! I’m Helen. There are a couple things you should know about me. 1.) I love to read 2.) I love to write 3.) I love to write and talk about books. These are probably all pretty obvious, but I’m stating them for the record nonetheless. This blog and accompanying Bookstagram (@teabookrepeat) account are passion projects for me. If you love to read, write or both, I think we’ll get along just fine. Now, let’s do a quick what, how and why to get acquainted.

Here I am, enjoying one of my other passions: being outdoors!

What do I read?

Great, question. As much as I would love to read everything, I can’t. Primarily, I read young adult fiction and fantasy, non-fiction (mainly history), and adult fiction and fantasy. Is that sufficiently vague? I have a difficult time defining my interests, so this should not be taken too seriously. There isn’t a genre I can think of that I wouldn’t be willing to get a chance.

How do I read?

I primarily read physical books. Too often, I buy books, but sometimes I get them from the library. I also enjoy audiobooks, but I very rarely read an ebook.

Why do I read?

Why do I read? I mean, why do I breathe? It’s not quite that dramatic, but reading does feel like an integral part of my life. I’ve always loved reading, and books have been blessings in my life from a very young age. Reading is an escape, an expression and an energizer for me. Put simply: I just love it. If you do, too, please join me on this journey!

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We learn to wring magic from the ordinary.” – Leigh Bardugo

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